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Faith and Policy - Spiritual health - what is it?

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Theme: Faith and Policy
Posted by: Bob Finch of Churches' Regional Commission in the North East on Wed 28th Apr 10 9:53
Attention All Members  
Subject Spiritual health - what is it?



There seems to be a rising tide of interest in spiritual issues/spirituality and there are various definitions of it:


  • ‘the quality or condition of being spiritual’  The Oxford English Dictionary
  • ‘not an intense form of other-worldliness but rather the heart of all religion and therefore of vital concern to ordinary men and women. …...that full and real life for which humanity is made;. Evelyn Underhill, The Spiritual Life.
  • An attempt to grow in sensitivity to self, to others, to non-human creation and to God.
  • The practice of interior life
  • ‘our relationship with the sacredness of life, nature, and the universe, David Tacey, The Spiritual Revolution.


But taking this one step further:

  • Is there such a thing as (good) spiritual health? If so,
  • what does it look like and how is it developed or hindered?
  • Can social conditions and social policies damage the nations spiritual health?


Are we human beings trying to be spiritual or spiritual beings trying to be human?


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